CM says …

CM says “He did not delayed USA – AI flight .. Not only that .. He has threatened to file .. Defamation case .. Against duty officer of AI .. For misquoting him .. That unless Praveen Pardeshi joins delegation he will not go to USA ” … Now CM will have to explain … If it’s fact or not .. That Pardeshi forgot VISA & had to bring it from home .. Which took 45 minits .. & d moment Visa documents arrived .. Within minits .. He boarded .. But in d mean time .. ATS postponed take off slot & flight got delayed ? … If CM goes to court dozens of inconvenient questions would crop up & real defamation would start then .. Better CM expresses regret .. Say “SORRY” like central minister Rijiju & request to “forget & forgive” CM is already facing public wrath .. Now he should not succumb to EGO ! Ego is biggest enemy of politician that ruins their career .. Ajitdada , Bhujbal .. r examples of it ! CM DF must request pardon !

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