From Tax evaders to errant builders …

From Tax evaders to errant builders … Modi govt. is insisting on rigorous imprisonment for years .. apart from huge fine .. setting a dreaded era of physical torture for financial irregularities .. this terror .. threats .. severe punishments .. were NOT expected from Modi’s BJP govt. which was considered as ” Shethaji – Bhatji’s ” own party . As Raj Purohit rightly exposed … BJP govt. at center & state is seen vindictively witch hunting affluent business class .. whose emotional & financial support brought BJP to power .. in every financial irregularities or tax evasion BJP government is including jail term as punishment ..All d business .. Commerce .. Industry people must be repenting & cursing themselves for bringing BJP to power .. Congress never harassed business communities .. By terrorising with threat to jail .. UPA believed in ” Live & Let Live ” UPA allowed business to flourish with lenient soft punishment for financial irregularities never felt tyrant !

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