SEBI has taken action….

SEBI has taken action on SHAHA GROUP OF NAVI MUMBAI .. & it’s “Sutradhar” Nalin & Neelam Shaha .. Loksatta today has all d details of financial crime d group committed ..but I would like to draw ur attention .. to d modus operandi .. Shahas adopted to cheat people hyping their image .. through VVIP relation & association network .. Which they MISUSED to create a bubble of glamour , glory , prestige among ministers .. IAS .. IPS .. officers … businessmen ..industrialist .. Shahas would visit VVIPs on their birthdays to wish .. take photo & then publish it as advertisements in leading dailies give an impression ..that Shahas r close to them ..even on their birthday ..they used to publish full page ADVT. posting all their photos with VVIPs as if they r wishing him .. Shahas would always take video & camera unit with them to take pick at every occasion with VVIP ..also ‘manage’ invites to dais of VIP attended functions by paying donations.. It created a mirage of their being well connected well protected & Shahas misused all this fictional charisma to mislead people in to believing their cheating as a genuine affluence.. Many times VVIPs were unwilling or reluctant to be photographed with him or he using their photos in newspaper ADVT. but Shahas never asked for permission VVIPs were helpless due to Loksatta news ..many VVIPs would feel embraced but can’t do anything now ..Shaha is not d only builder or manipulator who misuses photos with VVIPs for his false image making ..en number of cheaters & cunning political worker use d gimmick ..even astrologers .. sadhus..bogus NGO coordinators ..take photos with VIPs to claim credibility & show their connectivity .. misusing VIP’s name ..fame is a old game ..VIPs have little choice to escape as denying to have photo with someone sends wrong impression …u better be aware & conscious ..when u see someone’s photo with VIP that is doubtful ..some cheaters even morph their photos with that of VIP as if they really met him & had cordial relationship !

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