A question that has…

A question that has remained unanswered :a minister takes bribe in croers .. clears an industrial land .. to a builder .. for residential complex .. d change of use from industrial to residential ..violates law .. original farmers ..who had given ..rather forced to give agricultural land to industry.. by Government.. feel cheated as what compensation they got is peanut ..to what ..industrialist got by selling it to builder ..then farmers approach HC ..court stays minister’s original order.. Now in such cases ..do d minister return d bribe money ..as his order is now invalid ..or say that “I had given d decision in ur favor in return for bribe I took ..now court staying d decision illegal & staying it is not my fault or responsibility ..u also paid bribe because u as seller or d builder knew that d change of use & deal is not permissible under present law & minister’s discretion may save d illegal deal ..if farmers r ‘managed’ ..local authorities r ‘bribed’ & advocates ‘convince’ d court of it’s justifiability ” ..just a day back ..such ‘situation’ is developed in a controversial land deal in THANE ..reported in today’s all dailies ..let us watch what turns & twists d story takes ..in d mean time ..will somebody knowing ..what happens in such cases ..enlighten d readers ?

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